What do RTL, Decathlon and FFBB (French Basketball Federation) have in common? All of them relied on interactivity for their September marketing campaigns. Focus on three inspiring and original back-to-school campaigns that marked us last month!

1. RTL Info’s poll via Google Ad Manager

RTL Info is one of the main sources of information in French-speaking Belgium. The site covers all local, national, international, political, economic, sporting or people news 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

RTL info’s objective was to collect its visitors’ opinions in order to offer them advertisements corresponding to their interests.

To do so, the information website decided to create a poll via the Qualifio platform and publish it on its homepage via Google Ad Manager, an ad serving platform that streamlines your ad management, whether you deliver ads to websites, mobile web pages, mobile apps, games, etc.

The campaign in details:


  1. An ad entitled “I was 20 years old when…” was published on the mobile version of the RTL Info website, with the subtitle “Help RTL Info to propose you ads that correspond to your interests by answering a few questions.
  2. By clicking on the ad, a pop-up opened with an integrated poll.
  3. The first question invited users to click on the most famous event that occurred when they were 20 years old (World Trade Center, first steps on the moon, fall of the Berlin Wall, etc.)
  4. Depending on their answer, and thanks to branching, an age range was proposed to them.
  5. If it was correct, users were sent to the next question. If not, their age range was asked.
  6. Finally, users had to identify themselves either by using their own RTL Info credentials or by creating a new account. This is possible thanks to the integration of RTL Info’s Single-Sign-On authentication system with the Qualifio platform.


And that’s not all: RTL Info wanted to be able to send all the data collected via its survey to Lotame, its Data Management Platform. Thanks to the integration available between Qualifio and Lotame, RTL Info was able to feed its users segments in Lotame with qualitative and fresh first-party data collected via Qualifio.

2. Decathlon’s checklist

To help its consumers prepare their sports bags for back-to-school, the French sporting goods retailer Decathlon created 12 checklists. Each of the lists was dedicated to a particular sport (football, hockey, basketball, dance, etc.) and included the important items to have with you, both for adults and children. Consumers were asked to check the sports items they did not yet have.


Based on their answers, Decathlon displayed a link directing consumers to the right page on its ecommerce to have the opportunity to make their purchases. An original way to promote your products while offering useful content to your audience.

3. FFBB’s vote

For the Alain Gilles Trophy 2019, the French Basketball Federation proposed its users to vote for the best French basketball player of the year. The campaign, published in an article on its website via an Iframe, featured the 12 nominees with a short description for each (age, club, performances, etc.).


Before validating their vote, users had the opportunity to leave their contact details to try to win a jersey signed by the French national team! If they didn’t wish to participate in the draw, they were directly sent to the end screen of the campaign where they could discover the community votes for each of the players. A campaign that is easy to implement and engaging for the community.


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