Another chapter of the year has come to an end as we approach the end of May and with it comes our monthly article where we review our favourite interactive marketing campaigns of the month. In this article, we hope you will find ideas to inspire you for your next brainstorming sessions.

1. Yves Saint Laurent’s gift basket

Yves Saint Laurent, one of L’Oréal’s brands, launched a personality test with branching for Mother’s Day. The particularity of the branching is that you can adapt the questions based on the participants’ answers and send them down different paths. The brand took things one step further in terms of personalisation, allowing their customers to create their own gift baskets. This is a great idea to engage your community and collect valuable data.


2. On a shopping spree at Carmila on Mother’s Day

The following case is a great example of an omnichannel strategy. The shopping centre company Carmila created a campaign featuring a Miss France for Mother’s Day. Customers scanned a QR code in the shopping centre, which led to a memory format campaign. The winner had the opportunity to spend an afternoon with last year’s Miss France and to win a €500 voucher to spend at the shopping centre. This campaign engages the community and also boosts sales because, as we know, customers are more likely to spend money when they have a voucher.



3. CPW’s breakfast poll

Cereal Partner Worldwide has launched a poll asking consumers to vote for their favourite Nestlé cereals, including Shreddies, Cheerios, Shredded Wheat and many more. After their vote, participants had to fill out a form with their data for a chance to win one of three breakfast hampers packed with a range of Nestlé cereals. This poll is an excellent way to:

  • Collect preference data on their audience
  • Showcase their product range
  • Activate sales


4. Pågen’s eco-friendly quiz

The quiz is an ideal educational tool for your community. Sweden’s leading bakery Pågen launched a quiz asking questions about the climate and the environment with the opportunity to win a greenhouse. After completing the quiz, participants filled out a form and later, a winner was drawn. An exciting way to engage your audience with nice prizes while raising awareness about environmental issues.

Besides that, Pågen has been creating campaigns connected to ClearOn’s coupons or offering generous prizes for the participants. When that is the case, participants receive digital coupons via SMS or email, thanks to an integration with ClearOn.

Want to know more about how Qualifio and ClearOn have teamed up, making coupons and interactive marketing the perfect pairing? Check out this article.


5. RSCA’s receipt contest

The Belgian football club RSC Anderlecht partnered with the Belgian hardware store chain Hubo for a contest. The participants uploaded a €50 Hubo receipt and tried to win a ticket for the upcoming game. This is the perfect way to activate sales at Hubo’s stores and collect zero-party data for RSCA. 😉


6. SNCB’s festival calendar

Belgian railway company SNCB launched a calendar campaign and shared it in their newsletter. The campaign offered 200 tickets for summer festivals. Customers were invited to participate by clicking on the festival of their choice, answering two questions, and filling out a form. An original campaign full of surprises, ideal for encouraging the winners to use the SNCB trains to go to the various festivals.


7. Fnac wonderful memory

For Disney’s 30th anniversary celebrations, they partnered with Fnac to create a memory campaign, which was shared on Fnac’s website. The cards were designed with Disney’s characters and colours. The winners had the incredible opportunity to win a 3-day exclusive stay at Disneyland Paris with loads of surprises. Offering such high profile gifts are an excellent way to learn more about your audience and collect first- and zero-party data. People are more likely to share their information when there is a chance to win a prize.

Campaign-may-disneylandxfnac Campaign-may-DisneyxFnac-2

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