November is usually a hectic month with so much going on. Brands are getting ready for the festive period, planning their Christmas marketing campaigns and their digital Advent calendars, but also their campaigns for Black Friday. So let’s have a look at the campaigns our users created in November (or at least, the best ones ? ) to keep their audiences engaged.

1. Nespresso’s Black Friday campaign

Sometimes a simple form can do wonders! For Black Friday, Nespresso launched the “Gifting Friday” inviting shoppers to fill out a form to receive their exclusive Gifting Friday offers in advance. This is a quick and easy campaign you can set up to attract interesting and interested prospects.

the-best-interactive-marketing-campaigns-of-november-nespresso the-best-interactive-marketing-campaigns-of-november-nespresso-2


2. Valencia CF’s sponsored campaign

Did you know that you can offer your partners or sponsors original advertising formats thanks to interactive content? That’s what the Spanish football club Valencia CF did. They launched a chrono quiz sponsored by Zumub and promoted via their newsletter with great prizes to win such as vouchers, VIP tickets, signed balls, etc. To boost participations, they announced all participants would receive a 10€ gift once registered. Just perfect to grow your database fans ?


3. LNB’s All-Star Vote

Through a voting campaign, the French basketball league, LNB, gave users the opportunity to vote for the two players they wanted to select for the annual All-Star Game. Practically speaking, LNB integrated a tailor-made poll created via an external agency into their Qualifio campaign to maintain complete control over their data. If you want to know more about how to integrate third-party games into your usual Qualifio campaign framework, it’s over here!


4. Polestar’s lead generation campaign

The Swedish automotive brand, Polestar, kicked off their five-year partnership with the Stedelijk Museum via a nationwide campaign on green energy. To encourage users, they made tickets available to see the Interactive Installation in the Stedelijk Museum, created by artist Thijs Biersteker. As tickets were limited, users were invited to quickly fill out a form that proposed an opt-in for Polestar’s newsletter.

the-best-interactive-marketing-campaigns-of-november-polestar-2 the-best-interactive-marketing-campaigns-of-november-polestar


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