Time to look back at the best interactive marketing campaigns launched by our users in October! Wheels of fortune, pop-ups, memory games and tests; they’re all here, take a look at our favourite campaigns. Engaging your audience and collecting customer data has never been easier with interactive marketing ?

1. Create a wheel of fortune to promote an event like CASA

To promote their attendance at the “SALON ART&DÉCO” fair, CASA International created a wheel of fortune. Participants had to spin the wheel for a chance to win entrance tickets to the fair. As a consolation prize, all participants received a 5% off voucher for their next online order.

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2. Launch a targeted campaign like RSCA

Thanks to previous interactive campaigns, the Belgian football club RSC Anderlecht was able to segment its e-sport fan base and create a segment of “FIFA fans”. To this segment, the club promoted an exclusive contest. To participate, first fans had to log in with their RSCA credential and then answer a few questions for a chance to win one of the limited editions of the FIFA 22 game with an RSCA cover.

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3. Share digital coupons via a game like Pågen

The memory game is ideal for presenting your products, and Sweden’s leading bakery, Pågen, understood this well. With the help of our Studio team, Pågen launched a memory game in line with their identity. Furthermore, thanks to an integration with ClearOn, Pågen is giving away digital coupons, sent automatically via SMS or email.

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4. Use interactivity in sponsored content like Expressen

Interactive content can also be used for sponsorship purposes! For their advertiser Amazon Prime, the Swedish newspaper Expressen created a personality test. Via this test, Expressen’s users could find their new favourite series by answering a few questions. The campaign’s exit screen displayed the series corresponding to participants’ answers and a dedicated promotional offer to benefit from 30 free days of Amazon Prime.


5. Leverage pop-ups for your first campaign like Darjeeling and FreemiumPlay

Darjeeling and FreemiumPlay are two of our newest users! To boost participations and promote their first campaigns, they both used a promotional pop-up published on their homepage — the ideal way to catch website visitors’ attention and identify them.

Darjeeling decided to choose the popular wheel of fortune format, combined with a data collection form. When clicking on the pop-up “play” button, visitors were redirected to a dedicated page with the game. A lingerie set was offered to one participant and all the others received a 20% off voucher.


On their side, FreemiumPlay directly integrated their quiz into the pop-up! Visitors first had to fill out a form with their details and then answer questions about Halloween movies for a chance to win vouchers.


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