The key features to bring customer loyalty to the next level

Earning rules, rewards, levels, member portal, integrations and many other features to build personalised loyalty programs!

Define your earning rules

Earning rules enable you to give points based on your members’ actions. You can choose among four types of events:

Participations in a quiz, contest or game

Integrate interactive content into your loyalty programs thanks to the native connection with Qualifio Engage and incentivise participation in any campaign you create: a quiz, a test or any other animated game.


Purchases on your e-commerce

Incentivise purchases on your e-commerce and give points based on more than ten criteria: total amount, shipping cost, basket, quantity, etc. 


Specific events to your loyalty program

Reward customers throughout their journey within your loyalty program. Hand out points when they first log in the program, for their birthday, each time they connect to their member portal or when they reach a new level


Basic custom events

Attribute points for the events of your choice using the predefined format of basic custom events. For example: newsletter subscription, app download, website visit, profile completion, video view, etc.


Facebook and Instagram events [COMING SOON]

Incentivise and reward customers for following your Facebook and Instagram pages or for interacting (like, share, comment) with your posts.


Choose your burning rules

Burning rules are similar to the earning rules but instead of defining how members earn points, you determine:

  • The number of points members need to redeem a reward.
  • How members can use their points to get rewards.
  • The availability of rewards.

Set up your rewards

Define the rewards your members will be able to claim with the points they’ve earned. It can be anything from coupons to products or even third-party gift cards to get them engaged with your loyalty program.


Take customer relationship to the next level

Increase customer loyalty and retention by creating levels of loyalty. Bronze, silver or gold, create your levels, define the number of points needed to achieve them and reward progression. The more points members receive, the more they become eligible for a higher lever! But to do so, they need to interact more with your brand.

With the levels, you’ll be able to reward different groups of members differently, with higher levels usually providing better benefits.

Enjoy the freedom of full customisation

Build your loyalty program(s) in English, French and Dutch.

Name your currency. Instead of earning points, your members could earn stars, petals, hearts; it’s up to you! And that’s not all: you can have different currencies in one program!

Customise your loyalty portal and decide what your members will see once they’re logged in.

Thanks to our drag and drop interface, no technical skills are required.

Integrate with the data tools you’re already using

Break down data silos by sending data and insights collected with Qualifio Loyalty to your other marketing and data tools. For example, set up custom messages on your emailing or automation tools to activate your user base with relevant content or rewards when they reach a level or have been in your loyalty program for a year!

Learn more about integrations

Get real-time stats

Check the list of your members and fully export their data. Access detailed reporting regarding each of your members, their contact information and their current balance.

Explore Qualifio Loyalty’s latest features

Our teams are working hard to provide you with the features you need to retain customers.



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