Summer is fast approaching, and soon planning your next campaigns will be on your mind (as well as planning your holidays, without any doubt 😉 ). In this article, you will find our selection of sunny and inspiring summer marketing campaign ideas for you to pick from. So make the most of the summer season to engage your audience, collect qualitative first- and zero-party data and activate your sales.

👉 All the campaign designs in this article have been created by the amazing graphic designers of our Studio. If you like any of the campaign ideas below, and would like to launch the same for your brand, contact your CSM and we will immediately add the campaign to your account.

Let’s start with 9 summer marketing campaign ideas

1. Wheel of fortune – Summer giveaway

Winning free products will always draw crowds. This could be an excellent way to attract new customers or reward loyal ones while collecting first- and zero-party data from them. This summer, try offering your audience a valuable and seasonal product for the sunny days using the wheel of fortune format. How about an inflatable swimming pool or some really cool sunglasses, for example? 😎

2. Photo contest – Share your best beach looks 🏖

Creating a photo contest is a great way to engage your community. Let them share their photos, express their tastes and flair for fashion, and share their experience. It is up to you to decide whether or not to activate the vote option. So why not ask your customers to share their best beach looks for these holidays?

summer marketing campaign ideas - photo contest

3. Escape game – Don’t miss your plane! ✈️

Holidays mean travelling for most of us, and even more this year 😉 We created an escape game about an absent-minded traveller who misplaces everything before boarding his plane. He has to find his passport, and all his belongings, otherwise he will miss his plane 🙊 This is a nice way to engage with your audience and why not place your product in the escape game to advertise a new product for example. Wondering how to create an escape game? Check our FAQ session on video.

Want to give it a try? ⬇️

4. Shell game – Holiday destination

We’ve designed a memorable shell game to help you to decide on your next holiday destination. This campaign randomly selects a destination and provides information about it, and maybe even a prize 😉 An easy game to engage your community and highlight your travel offers.

To fit our campaign idea, we revisited the shell game. Instead of three containers, we only kept one. The only limit when creating a campaign is your imagination. When in doubt, do not hesitate to visit our FAQ section, full of articles, videos and resources about using Qualifio Engage.

💡 How to create a shell game with one container in Qualifio Engage? 💡

  1. Question: create your basic game question by selecting the question type “clickable images” and upload your pictures. Add only one image per question.
  2. Score: assign one point per question.
  3. Order: randomise the order of the quiz’s questions by going to “question order” and selecting “random on one question”.
  4. Exit screen: customise the texts shown to participants after completing the game, based on their score.

5. Catcher – Taste of summer with an ice cream

What would the summer be without ice cream? So we designed an ice cream catcher where participants can catch toppings into the bowl. The objects can be customised and divided into two categories: things to catch and others to avoid. Another summer campaign idea: a barbecue catching all the meat and avoiding the insects.

For the moment, the catcher is only available via the Studio. Contact them if you want to create a summer campaign like this.

summer marketing campaign ideas - catcher

6. Quiz – Which food contains the most water?

For our next summer marketing campaign idea, we came up with a quiz to test participants’ knowledge of food containing water. This could be a great idea to showcase your products and create awareness about said products. You can interactively educate your clients, all the while collecting zero-party data, because at the end of the day, that’s what Qualifio Engage helps you to achieve.

summer marketing campaign ideas - quizsummer marketing campaign ideas - quiz end

7. Personality test – Find the music festival made for you!

Users always love a good personality test. So don’t miss the opportunity to create one this summer. It is one of our most popular formats as it is a big hit for data collection. Your customers will share their first- and zero-party data that you can segment for further usage.
In this case, we designed a personality test to find the perfect match for the upcoming festival season this summer.

summer marketing campaign ideas - personality test

8. Memory – Bikini tops and bottoms

Another summer marketing campaign idea is to use international days. As July 5th is international bikini day, why not create a campaign around this theme? Test your customers’ brains with a memory game. Participants need to find pairs of identical or complementary cards. This is a unique way to present a new product and select winners to send them coupons, a great way to activate sales. In our case, people have to find matching bikini pieces.

summer marketing campaign ideas - memory

9. Checklist – Your globetrotter score

As we said, summer is an excellent opportunity to travel. So we designed a checklist for participants to share their globetrotter scores with their friends on social media. You can create as many questions as you want, let your imagination run wild. The more questions you ask, the more data you will collect.

summer marketing campaign ideas - checklistStill looking for ideas? Check out our other articles for summer marketing campaign ideas.


Summer marketing campaign ideas from our customers

It is good to have summer marketing campaign ideas, but what about real-life examples? Let’s find out what Nestea, PepsiCo and Mr. Wonderful have done for their summer campaigns and be inspired by them.

1. Nestea’s jackpot and rebus

Nestea, one of Nestle’s brands, decided to engage their community by using two formats for their summer campaigns. On the one hand, their summer jackpot offered their audience the chance to win a drink-holder in the shape of a flamingo. On the other hand, by playing the rebus, participants could win one of the ten speakers up for grabs via a prize draw. What is nice about this rebus is that users played with the brand’s product. This is a nice summer marketing campaign idea to reuse and adapt.

summer marketing campaign ideas - summer jackpot

summer marketing campaign ideas - rebus

2. PepsiCo’s jackpot

PepsiCo used our jackpot format to engage their community around their products. To participate, people had to fill out a form, directly enabling the company to collect first-party data from their consumers. By playing a game and having the brand’s product displayed on the screen, they’ll be brought forward in the participants’ minds. Thus, leading to increased sales activation. As you can see in the picture below, this campaign is summer-themed. The lucky winners had the opportunity to win an eco-responsible trip. Who wouldn’t want the chance to take part in this jackpot?

summer marketing campaign ideas - pepsico

3. Mr. Wonderful’s summer calendar

Mr. Wonderful created a one-week summer calendar with surprises every day. This is a great way to engage your community and activate sales during a typically slower period. An example of a prize: 4 winners received a €65 coupon for sunglasses.

summer marketing campaign ideas - calendar

Other summer marketing campaign ideas to mention

Need more ideas about the best summer marketing campaigns? Check out our best campaigns catalogue to be inspired! There is something for all kinds of tastes. You will surely find some ideas for your next brainstorming session 😉