Even though eggs, chicks and other chocolate bunnies have not yet invaded us, it’s already time to think about your spring campaigns. Whatever your industry, Easter and the return of spring are unique opportunities for content, marketing and data collection.

To help you achieve your goals, the bells of Qualifio have concocted 12 ideas of interactive marketing campaigns just waiting to be adapted to your world, goals and targets. Enjoy!

Our special Easter selection

Let’s see how your company can utilise Easter holiday season for its marketing advantages with creative Easter interactive campaign ideas.

1. The traditional egg hunt

What would Easter be like without its traditional egg hunt? Create your own hidden object interactive game in which your participants must find the eggs hidden in the image by clicking on them. For more challenge, add a time limit! We explain step by step how to create this type of campaign here.


2. The Easter bunny

Showcase the famous Easter Bunny or your own mascot in your campaign. Imagine, for example, a sudden death campaign in which your users would be eliminated from the first bad answer. This would encourage them to return to your channels and retry their chance!


3. Chocolate in the spotlight in the spotlight

Create a shell game, quick and fun, in which participants must find behind which container (egg, rabbit, chick, etc.) is the prize to win.

And you, can you find the chocolate hidden behind the eggs? Try our demo campaign!

*Chocolaty bonus*

The French children’s channel Gulli has put chocolate in the spotlight last year in their sweet jackpot ! To win a chocolate fountain, participants had to get a sequence of three identical fruits. A very creative campaign!


Our special spring selection

Spring is a time for fresh starts, growth, and opportunity. Here are 3 fun spring interactive campaign ideas to use to refresh your marketing!

1. Find the intruder

Did you like the idea of the hidden object campaign? Here’s an alternative: find the intruder, which works in exactly the same way. You can also ask your users to spot the difference between two similar images, to use as an advertising format or just for fun!


2. Swiper “Which plants are you going to put in your garden?

Take advantage of Tinder’s fun and popular format and invite your users to “swipe” right or left for their favorite proposal. You can organize a battle between different products, brands or others and collect accurate information about your audience’s preferences. Another important advantage of this format: it works perfectly on mobile.

swiper-plants-qualifio-inspiration-easter-spring-2018 swiper-plants-qualifio-inspiration-easter-spring-2018

Tip: to boost the number of participations in your campaigns or drive traffic to your points of sale, you can offer a coupon code to your participants!

3. What will be your next destination?

Spring is synonymous with holidays, so help your audience members choose their next destination with a personality test! Use conditional branching to customise questions based on participant’s responses and display the most appropriate profile. A simple and fun way to highlight the destinations you serve (if you’re a travel company), or simply to highlight your partners.

Our special “World Days” selection

Springtime includes Easter, but also St. Patrick’s Day, Earth Day, World Poetry Day, World Water Day, World Art Day… and more! Improve your engagement rate is with these 5 World Day interactive marketing campaigns.

1. April fool

Who says April, says April Fools! Suggest that your users share their experiences and generate content by posting the best stories that happened to them on April 1st. Make your contest even more viral by customizing sharing options on social media.
And you ? What is the best anecdote that happened to you on April 1st?

2. International jazz day

April 30th is International Jazz Day. What better way to celebrate it than with a blind test? Add musical excerpts to your quiz or contest and have your audience guess their respective performers, song titles or missing lyrics. For more challenge, add a time limit!


3. INternational procrastination day

Take advantage of Procrastination Day to engage your audience via a personality test such as “What procrastinator are you?”. Then invite users to discover their profile and share it on social media for more visibility.


4. Marathon month

Who says spring, says good weather…. and marathons! For the occasion, we propose a memory, ideal to highlight your products or to test the knowledge of your audience on a specific theme. You can fully customize your cards and display a timer and a counter for the number of clicks.


5. World health day

For the occasion, conduct a survey and ask your users about your products, your content or a specific theme to get an idea of their preferences and opinions. Use conditional branching to display questions based on participant’s responses.world-health-day-survey-qualifio-inspiration-easter-spring-2018