For the second time in the history of the games, the Japanese capital will be hosting the Olympic Games this summer. The Tokyo Games will officially start with the opening ceremony on July 23rd and run until August 8th, 2021. Due to the global pandemic and the sanitary situation in Japan, there will be no overseas spectators in Tokyo, with only the home crowd cheering on the more than 11,000 athletes competing from over 200 nations. But millions of viewers will be tuning in from their homes around the world to cheer on their teams!

The Olympic Games are one of the most popular and watched sporting events in the world. Like the Tour de France or European Championship Football 2020, brands and media will be looking to capitalise on the conversation, even more so this year with everyone watching from a distance. This article contains 16 live campaign examples created by our wonderful Studio team to inspire you and help you to connect with the sports fans in your community on all your digital channels.

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Create impactful digital experiences that drive results

Whether you’re an active participant or more of a spectator, sport plays an important role in our lives and is a booming business for brands and media groups. How can you stand out from your competitors this year for the Olympics? By creating impactful digital experiences for your audiences. Here are a few reasons why you should be making the most of interactive marketing in the run-up to the Olympics:

  • Collect zero-party data and preference insights to personalise your marketing;
  • Engage your audience in an original and on-trend way;
  • Boost excitement around the Olympic Games;
  • Build long-term relationships with digital fans;
  • Give visibility to your sponsors;
  • Collect newsletter opt-ins;
  • Monetise your audience.

16 interactive experiences to leverage from the Olympics

As you may know, five new sports have been added to the Tokyo Games: baseball, karate, skateboarding, sport climbing and surfing. Are you looking to focus on emblematic sports, new sports, or Japanese culture? Our elite Studio team has created several inspiring digital marketing campaigns that you can easily and quickly launch on all your channels. On your marks, get set … GO!

If you’re looking for a campaign idea to highlight your products or these of your sponsors and boost your brand’s visibility, we’ve got one for you! Featuring images and sounds, Repeat it! is an excellent game to train the memory of your participants. The more they play, the more they stimulate and improve their ability to memorise and recognise your products.

The concept is simple: participants have to watch the images, remember the sequences and repeat them correctly. Let’s go!

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