With our new platform, Qualifio Loyalty, that we launched at the end of 2021, we want to breathe new life into the age old concept of customer loyalty. It has traditionally been based on how willing a customer is to repeatedly purchase from one brand rather than another.

But we believe that, in 2022, this definition of customer loyalty needs to change and that it should be based on interactions and engagement, and should reward all the touch points a customer has with a brand, not just their purchases.

Qualifio Loyalty is highly complementary with our interactive marketing and data collection platform, Qualifio Engage, and allows brands to change the way they do loyalty marketing, by creating exciting loyalty programs that reward their customers for all types of interactions throughout their customer journey in order to grow their audience and build their loyalty.

Read our press release to find out more about the features that Qualifio Loyalty offers.

press release