We are delighted to announce that we are launching a second Qualifio platform, Qualifio Loyalty, a new sister product that perfectly compliments and enhances our interactive marketing and data collection platform, that we’ll be calling Qualifio Engage from now on.

Today we’re launching Qualifio Loyalty.

We believe that customer loyalty is no longer just about a purchase relationship, it should instead reward all types of digital interactions and from a wider audience, not just customers. This new Loyalty platform reinforces our data collection and interactive marketing offering, and is an answer to the current market trend of rethinking how loyalty is done. Loyalty needs to be about rewarding more than just purchases, and our aim is to allow brands to get more out of the data they’re collecting from their audiences. A number of studies, including KPMG’s Customer Loyalty Survey, have shown in recent years that customer loyalty is alive and well. But digital disruption and generational influences are forcing brands to rethink their loyalty programs as the nature and definition of loyalty are changing.

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Why Qualifio Loyalty?

The Qualifio adventure started back in 2011 when our founders set out to provide brands and media companies with a new and innovative way of doing marketing. They wanted to give the marketeers working for these companies easy-to-use and straightforward tools to set up interactive campaigns quickly and without any major technical input. The ethos behind Qualifio has always been to enable marketing teams to define, create, organise and publish interactive marketing campaigns in order to collect data from their audience and to grow passionate communities.

Over the past few years we have noticed a clear trend in the online digital market of companies wanting to engage more with their communities and to establish direct relationships with their consumers. Our customers have also increasingly been asking us to be able to get more from our Engage platform. They see the potential of being able to reach customers in a different way, of having more personal and meaningful interactions with them, even before they become paying customers.

After identifying the business potential and growth opportunities that a new tool that made this possible could mean for us, we set out 18 months ago to create a second product for our brand with a dedicated new team: a platform that would enable companies to take their interactions with their audiences to the next level, to prolong the life cycle of the data they’ve collected in Qualifio Engage and to segment their audiences even further. We based our decision to launch Qualifio Loyalty on the maturity of our company and of our teams, and on the conversations we’ve had with some of the biggest brands we work with, a majority of whom saw this new tool as the logical next step and who reiterated their trust in us to handle their data in a secure and compliant manner.

When designing Qualifio Loyalty, our aim was to allow the brands and media companies that we work with to take their campaigns a step further by combining both our platforms: 

  • With Qualifio Engage they can build engagement and with Qualifio Loyalty then can segment and reward this engagement.
  • With Qualifio Engage they can connect with their audiences, and with Qualifio Loyalty they can build on these relationships and make them long-term ones.
  • With Qualifio Engage brands they can capture and enrich data, and with Qualifio Loyalty they can segment this data.


Qualifio Loyalty is the logical next step in the value chain of the data collected in Qualifio Engage, and the two platforms can be combined effortlessly as the building blocks of a long-term and interactive campaign: building audience engagement and capturing data with Engage, then rewarding that engagement and segmenting the data with Loyalty.

We believe that one of the strengths of a well-thought out loyalty campaign is the ability to attract a much wider audience, so not just customers who have already made a purchase from the brand, but also being able to target potential future customers. By casting a wider net to a larger audience, it will be possible to capture and nurture brand interest well before the consumer has considered making a purchase, thus prolonging the typical customer journey and enriching it.

Loyalty programs typically play 2 roles:

  • They help to acquire customers, to retain customers and to grow customer advocacy.
  • They can also be designed to collect zero- and first-party customer data, thus enriching the relationship between a brand and their audience.

Consumers are increasingly looking to move away from traditional loyalty programs that only reward and incentivise purchases. This commercial relationship is no longer enough for a majority of consumers and they are instead looking to form an actual bond with the brands they enjoy. Nowadays consumers want to do more than just buy, they want to engage with brands, express their opinions and share their experience. Too many loyalty programs are based on antiquated principles and are trying to buy customer’s loyalty through monetary rewards. When brands should actually be concentrating on gaining their audience’s trust and building this bond, rather than just collecting purchases.

Let’s go Loyalty!

We are very excited to embark on this new chapter in our company’s history – our teams are ready, our customers are ready and the market is ready, so now is the perfect time to take on this challenge and keep growing the company and our teams.

Our Engage platform is in a robust and healthy position and we are leaders and best-in-breed in the fields of data collection and interactive marketing, making Qualifio Loyalty the logical next step in our adventure.

By launching Qualifio Loyalty we are allowing the brands and media companies that work with our platforms to have continuity throughout their campaigns, to create value for the data they collect and to grow passionate communities based on more meaningful relationships.


Interested in finding out more? You can read the official press release here, or take a look at this page or get in touch and we’ll be happy to explore together the possibilities Loyalty could offer you!